West Virginia GOP Co-Sponsors Bill To Give $10M To Build The Wall

Republican lawmakers in the West Virginia House of Delegates announced a plan to allocate put $10 million of the state’s surplus toward President Trump’s long-promised border wall.

Dels. Caleb Hanna, America’s youngest black legislator, Patrick Martin and Carl Martin introduced the proposal on Tuesday, explaining that West Virginia has nearly a $200 million of which $10 million could be appropriated towards the construction a barrier along the southern border.

Martin issued a press release slamming lawmakers for allowing illegal immigrants to pour across the border.

“West Virginians support our President and the wall,” he said a statement. “They’re sick of seeing Washington politicians sit on their hands while drugs and criminals pour over our border. It’s time for the states to stand up and do what they can to support our President in his fight to protect innocent Americans.”

In an interview with “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning, Hanna appearing on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, Hannah warned that constructing a wall along the border is crucial to addressing West Virginia’s drug problem.

“I am happy to co-sponsor a piece of legislation that I don’t think West Virginia will be happy about, but America as a whole. We owe it to the voters,” the 19-year old freshman delegate said. “West Virginia has a terrible drug problem. And I believe a lot of those drugs and opioids are coming directly from the southern border. I’ve spoken to local and state law enforcement and they say that these drugs are so pure they can’t be coming from anywhere other than Mexico.”

Hanna said in a statement afterward that the strategy is “is no different than sending our National Guard to the border or overseas to protect U.S. interests.”

“We, as a state, have resources available to help make America more secure, and I believe West Virginians would want those resources used to make us more safe.”

The delegates argue that this proposal will confront the state’s drug problem, which they say is caused in part by “drugs coming… in from Mexico.”

According to the release, the proposal will be introduced before the Legislature in the “coming days.”

Trump’s focal promise during the 2016 presidential campaigned was to build a wall along the southern border and the president is committed to fulfilling the pledge. He has refused to sign a Congressional appropriations bill that doesn’t include funds for it, resulting in a government shutdown – a stalemate that extended into its 26th day Wednesday.

Democrats have repeatedly refused to negotiate a deal with Trump to secure the border, despite ardently supporting the construct a barrier along the border in the past.    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the extraordinary step Wednesday of urging President Trump to delay his State of the Union address until the partial government shutdown ends, or submit the address in writing.

The president is slated to deliver his televised annual address to a Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 29.

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