Unearthed Ben Shapiro Piece On Meghan McCain Is Savage

Ben Shapiro has been at times a fierce critic of the President who he's called a "bully" but many are questioning his sincerity after an article he wrote on Meghan McCain was rediscovered

“I hate bullies, I think bullies are evil.”

That was the line from conservative commentator and author Ben Shapiro when he explained his 2016 resignation from Breitbart News on the heels of allegations that the publication’s former executive chairman Steve Bannon was a “bully” and that Breitbart was being turned into an operation to back another bully, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Shapiro has arguably grown more popular since rebranding himself as the principled, anti-bully conservative firebrand we know today. Although Shapiro was once hated by liberals, he’s often the conservative left-wing media outlets look to for a publishable counter-signaling quip against something the White House is trying to get done. A lot of the controversial remarks of his past have been forgotten and Shapiro is generally quick to serve as the conscience of conservatives on matters of decorum.

But Friday, Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks, who’s been castigated as an “information terrorist” according to Wired.com,  found an article penned by Shapiro in 2009 which features some behavior toward political pundit Meghan McCain, daughter of late Sen. John McCain, that would even cause “The Donald” himself to gasp.

Meghan McCain doesn’t know much of anything.”

“McCain is obviously not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.”

“She has made a career by using her father’s name to heighten her profile. She has also used her fat to heighten her profile.”

“Oh, really, now. Meghan McCain may hold a double-digit IQ (barely).”

“She is an attention hog, and she is getting the attention she probably lacked at home by blabbing about her butt, her boobs and her gay friends to a slobbering media eager to discredit her father.”

Sheesh. That’s rough commentary from Shapiro.  Does this fall under the purview of “bullying?”

Xcluded reached out to Fairbanks and asked why she thought Shapiro’s old article was particularly interesting now and she had this to say:

Ben Shapiro and his band of baby neocons consistently police speech like this from others so it was interesting to see this take from a time before he became such a Twitter hall monitor.” – Cassandra Fairbanks

Fairbanks went on to say “Ben Shapiro of 2009 seemed like a much cooler guy.”

You can read the entire article here

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