Smollett Hate Hoax Heads to Grand Jury Next Week, Cops Saw RED FLAGS From The Start

Leftists are so anxious to find something on Trump supporters, they stage hate crimes to frame them. Hollyhood and psychotic politicians then immediately jump on board to push their narrative.

The Jussie Smollett case didn’t look right or smell right from the beginning.

The Empire actor and his attorneys claim he was strolling along at 2 am down by the river, by himself, in Chicago, in the middle of a life-threatening cold front, with his Subway sandwich, when two random guys, who just happen to be carrying rope and bleach, recognized him and assaulted him. He then drove himself to the hospital.

If he was really victimized, he’d probably be too shaken up to drive, let alone at night. Moreover, how many Trump supporters watch Empire? None would have even have recognized him before the hoax.

It doesn’t take a glass of squeezed lemonade to see that Smollie lie to get free press.

According to law enforcement officials, Smollett’s credibility will be examined by a grand jury next week. The police sources also provided details on why Smollett’s claims seemingly lacked credibility.

From TMZ:

A grand jury will hear the Jussie Smollett case early next week … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Law enforcement sources connected to the investigation tell TMZ, the 2 brothers who were arrested and then released are staying somewhere around the Loop in downtown Chicago under the watchful eye of police so no one gets to them. We’re told cops especially want to make sure Jussie does not contact the brothers.

The sources say there were red flags from the get-go. Cops were extremely suspicious when Jussie took them out to the area where he said he was attacked and pointed to an obscure camera saying how happy he was that the attack was on video. Turns out the camera was pointing in the wrong direction. Cops thought it was weird he knew the location of that camera.

And, there’s this. We’re told investigators didn’t believe the 2 alleged attackers screamed, “This is MAGA country,” because, “Not a single Trump supporter watches ‘Empire.’”

A hate crime was committed: against politically conservative, straight, white men.

What is it with the left and staged attacks? They staged an attack on Brett Kavanaugh. The Covington students, wearing Make America Great Again hats, were attacked by Native Americans and the Congressional Black Israelites. Yet they were portrayed in the media to look like they were doing the attacking. The entire Mueller investigation is a staged, coordinated attack.

Leftists aren’t mad at Smollet for the hoax, they are mad that he got caught and failed to pin a fake hate crime on MAGA supporters.

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Ok I’m a little put out over this article. It was going along fine until I read this line in it : Moreover, how many Trump supporters watch Empire? NOW WAIT A MINUTE….isn’t that a statement claiming because we support Trump we (as a collective) would not watch a predomintely black show? Empire happens to be one of my top favorite shows. Been hooked on it since day one. And am a huge fan of Jussie Smullets voice I am not a racist but I’m a huge Trump supporter and I’m not a liberal so I’m not gonna have a… Read more »

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