Arizona reporter Cameron Ridle was busted on a hot mic making a prediction that he would be called the “N-word” at a Trump rally.

Ridle can be heard on a Facebook live video laughing and talking with another man as he walked to the scene of a pro-Trump demonstration outside Perry Highschool in Gilbert, Arizona, where a student was allegedly punished for wearing “Make America Great Again” clothing and bringing a MAGA flag to class for “USA Day.”

The student’s “political signage” caused “concern for safety,” according to the school’s principal.

Following the student’s suspension, Trump supporters and concerned members of the local community gathered in front of the high school to protest the treatment of conservative students.

Ridle, a reporter for 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona and CBS 5 This Morning, was covering the demonstration a story for AZFamily when he showcased his bigoted perception of conservatives.







“Let’s say I walk right down the sidewalk next to them – maybe they’ll call me a n*gger,” Ridle can told a man in the footage as he began laughing, unaware that a Facebook live video had begun streaming.

“You’ll come pretty close,” the man responded.

“Yeah, ‘you should go back to school,’ oh boy, that’s an old one,” said Ridle, as the two men continued to laugh, “I think you need to update your material.”

“First thing I decided to do when I got out of jail this morning was come down here,” said the other man, which elicited more laughter among the two individuals.

AZFamily issued a statement explaining the network’s expectation “is that all employees will treat others with respect. We are aware of the situation and are conducting an investigation.”

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