Rapper Cardi B: Admit Trump ‘Is Fucking Up This Country’

Rapper Cardi B demanded chided “conservatives” for questioning how her sexually explicit song Twerk empowers women and they “admit” President Donald Trump “is fucking up this country.”

The former stripper waged the attack on the president and his supporters Tuesday on Twitter.

“All these conservatives have been harassing me and telling me the most disgusting things these past few days,” the rapper wrote. “Listen I’m not telly ya to turn liberal all I’m saying is to admit that your president is fucking up this country right now! Liberal or conservative we ALL suffer as citizens.”

Cardi B blasted the president shortly after Daily Caller reporter Stephanie Hamill questioned how the rapper’s new song which Twerk which is accompanied by a sexually explicit video empowers women “in the era of #meToo.”

The I Like It singer fired back,  arguing that her pornographic music video signifies women can do whatever they want.

“It says to women that I can wear and not wear what ever I want. do w.e I want and that NO still means NO,” she replied. “So Stephanie chime in..If I twerk and be half naked does that mean I deserve to get raped and molested ? I want to know what a conservative woman like you thinks.”

Hamil was castigated on Twitter for pointing out the feminist movement’s hypocrisy.



Cardi B threatened to punch the president in the face last week for serving McDonald’s to the Clemenson football team, claiming its “disrespectful” to the players who shouldn’t have gone to the White House at all.

“If you gonna fly out a team that bust they ass practicing–you gonna fly them out to give them some cold motherfuckin’ french fries, that is disrespectful, and that’s like spitting in a nigga’s face,” the rapper, whose  real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, said. “Like I swear to God, if I was there, I would have punched the motherfuckin’–I would have motherfuckin’ punched the wig out of Trump, bro.”


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