Open Border Socialists Demand Trump Declare National Emergency Over Climate Change

A scarce crowd of anti-Trump protesters gathered at an open borders protest in Gainesville Florida, proving once again that President Trump’s passionately incensed detractors are ill-informed.

When asked what qualifies a real national emergency, the demonstrators insisted the president’s primary focus should be tackling climate change and global warming.

“Climate change is what we have going on right now that I would say is the most important,” a protester told XCluded reporter DisgruntledUSA.

“Global warming is a state of catastrophic, cataclysmic,” another responded.

One of the protesters struggled to answer what issue warrants a national emergency. She then called her friend over to read off a list of emergencies including gun violence, poverty, denial of health care, hunger, climate change, ecological devastation and the opioid crisis.

As President Trump has repeatedly noted, the opioid crisis in the United States is directly correlated to drug trafficking across the U.S. southern border.

One of the protesters accused Trump of attempting to militarize outer space by developing a Space Force.

“If you look at this planet from outer space you don’t see boundaries. You don’t see country lines and boundaries. We are all part of one human race,” he said. “The aliens, they have rights too. Alien’s rights matter. People with higher intelligence would not allow that to happen because the whole universe would be at risk.

He added: “The space force is totally wrong. We can’t militarize outer space.

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