Leading British Surgeon: Transgender Women ‘Should Be Entitled To Womb Transplants’ So They Can Have Babies

A renowned British surgeon is calling for men who have undergone sex change surgery to have access to womb implants that will enable them to have children.

Surgeon Christopher Inglefield, founder of the London Transgender Clinic, argues the procedure is “essentially identical” to the one performed on women.

Inglefields advocacy for transgender women to have access to womb transplants comes after doctors in Brazil delivered the world’s first baby from womb transplant that was given to a woman from a  deceased last year. Since 2014, at least five babies have been born since to women who had received wombs in a series of operations in Sweden.

Currently, there are no regulations in place to prevent transwomen from receiving in vitro fertilization if they do receive a womb transplant.

If women are able to access womb transplants, denying transwomen the same procedure should be illegal, Inglefields insists.

“This pioneering birth is extremely important for any trans female who would like to carry her own child,” the surgeon told the Mirror. “Because once the medical community accepts this as a treatment for cis-women with uterine infertility, such as congenital absence of a womb, then it would be illegal to deny a trans-female who has completed her transition.”

While men have a narrower pelvis than women, there is no anatomical reason why a womb could not be successfully implanted into a transgender woman and there would still be enough space in the transplanted womb for transgender women to room a child, Inglefields argues.

The “plumbing in” of the fetus is just as secure in a man as a woman, he notes, because vessels are connected veins which are the same in both males and females.

Transwomen would take supplements throughout the pregnancy to replicate hormones expectant mothers naturally produce, while births would typically be delivered by cesarean section to protect the child.

The former president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Richard Paulson, is also demanding transgender women receive womb transplants.

“I personally suspect there are going to be trans women who are going to want to have a uterus and will likely get the transplant,” the obstetrician-gynecologist told the Mirror.

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