Elizabeth Warren’s Microphone, Lights Cut Out as She Rails Against the Rich

Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s (D-MA) event in Iowa on Friday was plagued with technical difficulties as the Massachusetts senator tested the waters for a 2020 presidential run.

Warren was in the middle of a tirade against the 1 percent at McCoy’s Bar Patio, when her microphone malfunctioned and the lights went out.

Warren continued her speech when her mic stopped working, yelling as loud as she could so the audience could hear her that she’s “in the fight” because “today’s minimum wage will not keep momma and baby out of poverty.”


On New Year’s Eve, Warren announced the formation of her 2020 presidential “exploratory committee” on New Year’s Eve.

In an effort to connect with young voters, Warren followed up the announcement with an awkward video of herself drinking a beer in her kitchen.

“I’m gonna get me a beer,” she said as she live-streamed herself on Instagram knocking back a cold one from in her kitchen on Monday.

Warren was mocked after the live-stream for sounding as “monotone and robotic” as Hillary Clinton.





Last October, just weeks before the midterm elections, Warren released results of a DNA test in an attempt to prove her longtime claims of having Native American heritage. Republicans, including President Donald Trump who nicknamed her “Pocahontas,” have attacked Warren for exaggerating claims Cherokee heritage in order to gain favor for jobs that helped boost her career.

The results suggested she may have had a Native American ancestor six to ten generations ago, meaning her genome may be between 1/64 to 1/1024 percent Native American.

On Thursday, President Trump suggested a campaign slogan for the Warren campaign.

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