Americans Clueless On Government Shutdown, Rail Against Trump, Border Wall (Video)

The partial US government shutdown began December 22, after Democratic leadership refused President Donald Trump’s request for $5 billion in funding for a wall on the US-Mexico border.

Despite the best efforts of the media to create fear and panic over the shutdown continues, most Americans would not know the government is shutdown because it’s not impacting daily life.

In fact, many Americans don’t know what a government shutdown is.

Reporting for Xcluded Media, YouTube star Slighltly Offense took to the streets of Fort Lauderdale and asked beach-goers to weigh in on the ongoing shutdown and if they believe the US southern border should be fortified with a wall.

While most of the respondents were ill-informed, they eagerly used the opportunity to bash the president.

“That idiot oranged headed tweety turd has never had a good idea in his life,” one man grumbled when asked if he agrees with Trump’s proposal for a wall. “I lived in Texas for almost 25 years. No one in Texas with any sense wants a wall between them and Mexico. They’re friends back and forth.”

Another respondent surmised that a government shutdown is “When, you know, the people at the top, the president and vice president, they kind of just take a seat for a few days and wait until someone brings something better to the table.”

Illegal immigrants are instrumental in helping “the academy,” a woman insisted.

“Oh no. I don’t think so,” she lamented, as she railed against the idea of a border wall. “I’m not cool with that. With the country, I think that we should include everyone. This country is not just like, native United States people, but from other countries and they can help, like the academy also. So, I’m not cool with that.”

Trump has so far refused to back down on the funding request for the wall, pushing the shutdown into its 18th day.

The president announced Monday that he would address the nation on Tuesday evening from the Oval Office to discuss what he called the crisis at the southern border.  He will also travel to the southern border this week as part of his effort to persuade Americans of the need for a wall.

While “build the wall” was the trademark chant at every Trump election rally in 2016, another anti-Trump respondent argued Trump is “ not really doing anything based on the people that voted for him” by insisting on constructing the wall.

“He’s just kind of being a baby and advance his own agenda,” she asserted.

Slightly Offensive, whose man-on-the-street interviews with Americans across the country have amassed millions of views on YouTube, explained in an exclusive interview with Xcluded Media why he identifies as a black, gay, female:

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